Unlimited Aero Engines
FAA Approved Repair Station:  U53R556B
Unlimited Aero Engines, Inc., Fitchburg, MA
At Unlimited Aero Engines we understand the importance of applying a proper torque load for correct engine break-in.  That's why
every engine we build goes through an extensive 2 hour minimum test in order to seat piston rings, check for oil consumption,
and to ensure a tight and leak free engine in our custom built 500 Horsepower, 5000 RPM, engine test cell.  Our aircraft test cell is
capable of keeping the largest engines cool, as well as giving calibrated, accurate, and documented engine information.
  • Cylinder temperatures
  • Exhaust gas temperatures
  • Oil Temperature
  • Oil pressure
  • Manifold pressure
  • Torque output
  • Brake horsepower (bhp) corrected to standard atmospheric conditions.
Our test cell is also available for that shop or home builder that prefers to overhaul their own engine.  We welcome the opportunity
to run your engine in-house, saving valuable time as well as providing a peace of mind aspect to that first flight.  Remember,
keeping cylinder temperatures within factory specifications, while maintaining a specified manifold pressure, is the "KEY" to
successful break-in.
Tel:   (978) 348-1234