Unlimited Aero Engines
FAA Approved Repair Station:  U53R556B
At Unlimited Aero Engines we know that things happen, and happen fast.  So, when it comes time for that prop strike/sudden
stoppage inspection, we are your source for engine damage analysis directly in-line with the FAA and factory guidelines.

Unlimited Aero Engines specializes in the repair of engines involved in sudden stoppage/prop strike incidents.  These incidents
can easily create significant internal stresses, such as stress cracks and loosened attaching hardware.  Both Lycoming and
Continental have very specific requirements for disassembly and inspection.

Below are three important links from the FAA, Lycoming, and Teledyne Continental regarding the definition of a Prop Strike and
sudden stoppage.  

Don't let something that seems small turn into something big!  Be safe!
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