Unlimited Aero Engines
After many years of success, aircraft slowly became another passion.  He eventually obtained his pilots license, purchased a plane,
started flying, and enjoyed everything related to aircraft.  Throughout the years, he also gained his Commercial, Multi-Instrument
Airplane Pilots Rating, and an A & P Technician's License.

With a strong passion in aircraft, Tim successfully sold Hess Machine and Balancing, and became a mechanic with
Executive Flyers
Aviation in Bedford, MA.  Their president, Michael Goulian, quickly realized Tim was much more than your average mechanic, and
asked Tim to be the his Crew Chief for his
Red Bull Air Race Team #99.

While traveling all over the world as a Crew Chief, he realized Michael’s Zivko Edge 540 needed more power for the team to start
winning Red Bull Races.  So, in late 2008, with the help of Michael Goulian and
Kirby Chambliss, Unlimited Aero Engines was
formed, and set out to compete at a world level.  In 2009, after building and modifying the AEIO 540 engines in both competitors’
planes, both teams went from the back of the pack to the front.  With a 1st place win in Budapest Hungary for team #99, and third for
Red Bull's Kirby Chambliss, Tim and Unlimited Aero Engines proved they could build the "dependable power" needed for the world’s
best pilots.
FAA Approved Repair Station:  U53R556B
Tim Hess in Abu Dhabi
At the young age of eight, Tim Hess’ obsession with engines
started after his neighbor gave him a 1946 Willy’s Jeep
Wagoneer in exchange for cutting down some bushes.  After
two long years of working on the engine, it eventually
sputtered to life.  By the age of 16, Tim had overhauled many
engines, which ranged from lawn mowers to Chevrolet V-8's.

By 1980, Tim’s fascination with how to make engines run
better and stronger pushed him to turn his attention to drag
racing, and owning his own engine machine shop.  So, with
those goals in mind, Tim started Hess Machine and
Balancing in Fitchburg, MA, and also started building and
racing alcohol dragsters.  Within a few years, Tim’s persistent
attention to detail was recognized by many New England
racers and restoration shops, and Hess Machine and
Balancing quickly grew to support a professional drag racing
effort.  As an innovator and expert machinist, the shop and his
team were largely instrumental in the development of the
Tunnel Ram Alcohol Fuel Injection System, and the all-
aluminum Hemi engine for bracket drag racing.
Unlimited Aero Engines, Inc., Fitchburg, MA
Tel:   (978) 348-1234